Vienna D’Amato Hall

Music that explores the possibilities of womanhood in a manner that is at once erotic, intellectual, and visceral.

“Vienna’s music gives voice to a very contemporary sense of mystery and rebellion.” 

Eda Holmes – Artistic Director of Centaur Theatre

Hall landed her first job writing an original soundtrack for Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard at the Actors Studio, New York, starring Ellen Burstyn.

In 2016, she won a Leading Edge Award at the Kitchener-Waterloo Arts Awards for her work on Red Light Temple.

Music from her debut album It’s What the Dog Saw is featured on T.V. series Big Dogs (2020).

It’s What The Dog Saw (2015) is a coming-of-age EP with a blues-rock aesthetic. Reviews liken Hall’s poetry to a budding Leonard Cohen and her musical intensity to a young Sinead O’Connor.

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Red Light Temple (2016) defies genre. The soundscape is at once grunge, electronic, and Celtic-rock. The album’s edgy production mirrors its concept; Red Light Temple explores the continuum of the Red Light District and the Temple within.

Hall won the prestigious Leading Edge Award from The Arts Awards Waterloo Region for her work on It’s What the Dog Saw and Red Light Temple.

In early 2017, Hall performed as a special guest for Ellen Burstyn’s Inaugurate Love at the United Palace, New York.

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Long-Stay Hotel (2019) draws a fine-tooth comb through the world of forever hotel rooms. Applauded for its blend of “Joni Mitchell sensibilities and P.J. Harvey intensity,” Long-Stay Hotel is dubbed her best yet.

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Vienna D’Amato Hall; Musician; Singer, Songwriter, Artist; Feminist,; Montreal, Dublin, Paris