SONGWRITER at the Actors Studio
WINNER of a Leading Edge Award

It’s What The Dog Saw (2015) is a coming-of-age EP with a blues-rock aesthetic. Reviews liken Hall’s poetry to a budding Leonard Cohen and her musical intensity to a young Sinead O’Connor.

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Red Light Temple (2016) defies genre. The soundscape is at once grunge, electronic, and Celtic-rock. The album’s edgy production mirrors its concept. Red Light Temple explores the vast continuum of the human condition; the Red Light District to the Temple, within.

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Long-Stay Hotel (2019) draws a fine-tooth comb through the world of forever hotel rooms. Applauded for its blend of Leonard Cohen poetic sensibilities and P.J. Harvey intensity, Long-Stay Hotel is dubbed her best album yet.

Claire Campbell

Photograph by:
Laetitia Demessence

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Vienna D’Amato Hall; Musician; Singer, Songwriter, Artist; Feminist,; Montreal, Dublin, Paris