Claire Campbell

Claire explores movement from a place of compassion. For her, dance is about bringing more awareness to our physical experience; it is a meditation on the nuanced human body.

Claire is currently a freelance dance artist in Montreal. She has recently worked with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Festival Quartiers Danses, ezdanza, Vias Danza, and Le Festival du Monde Arabe.

Claire is the co-founder of the Bulb.e Collective, a quartet of emerging female choreographers and dancers. She choreographed several dance videos in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic including “INterLOck” and “Red or Yellow” (Festival Quartiers Danses), and Long Stay Hotel (Ellis B. House and Vienna D’Amato Hall). Claire is currently part of the dance teaching faculty at Côté Cour Côté Jardin (Montreal, QC) and Collège Notre-Dame (Montreal QC). 

In 2019, Claire was awarded the Canada Games Young Artists of Excellence award by the Nova Scotia Talent Trust. She also received the prize for the best communication of an artistic vision for her choreographic work, “As Say the Tides”, at L’École Supérieure de Ballet (2019).