Ellis B. House: Inspiration

Society teaches women to be seen; what happens when women teach society how they see?

Ellis B. House is a monthly concert that exhibits free-thinking female artists. Ellis B. is a place for women to meet, unite, and enjoy great art.

Our cutting edge events fuse mediums and exhibit different points of view in music, poetry, and dance.

Emily Bronte‘s pen name – Ellis Bell – serves as our namesake; a reminder that great art pushes boundaries.

Joan of arc is our iconic symbol due to her exemplary strength and fearless nature.

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Ellis B. House was founded in 2019 by Vienna D’Amato Hall who understood that art has the power to inform gender politics.

Hall’s vision is to create a unique and independent Female Canon.


Ellis B. House currently operates out of Montreal, Quebec.

We welcome all humanist thinkers, music lovers, and art appreciators.