Ellis B. House: Inspiration

Society teaches women to be seen; what if women taught society how they see?

Our mission at Ellis B. House is to create a new relationship between society and the female experience through the power of art and community.

Our events are a place for women to create, connect, and unite. With a variety of concerts, exhibits, and consciousness raising meetings, there is genuinely something for everyone.

Our community is made of people just like you who are ready to tap into their greatness. Join us.

Art taps into the unconscious of the artist. But more importantly, it represents and symbolizes the society which taught her to see. Art, thus, reveals old patterns and marks change.

Vienna D’Amato Hall founded the Ellis B. House to rewrite the relationship between woman and society by using the power of art and community.

We have curated events in Canada, Europe, and the United States.

Joan of arc serves as our iconic symbol for her fearless nature.

We Welcome You

We welcome all humanist thinkers at Ellis B. House.